In the Social Perception and Cognition lab, we examine how subtle patterns people encounter every day can reinforce and even challenge social inequities.  We integrate social cognition, vision science, and developmental methods to answer questions about the maintenance of power differences among social groups.  We draw on various approaches with the goal of designing research questions so that they contribute to scientific knowledge and have clear, broad social benefits.  Click the links above to learn more about the lab and how you can get involved.

Note: I will review applications for PhD students who would like to join the SPAC lab in Fall 2022. Please email me if you plan to apply and check out more info about applying here. You may also be interested in checking out the labs of my amazing colleagues Michael Olson (implicit attitudes), Lowell Gaertner (self and identity), Jeff Larsen (emotion), Garriy Shtyenberg (collective identity), Jess Hay/Shannon Ross-Sheehy (cognitive development), and Caglar Tas (visual cognition).


Congratulations to Tamia Eugene for recognition of her achievements as the Outstanding Psychology Major at Tennessee State University and to Jessica Wysor for her Research Excellence Award at the EUReCA undergraduate symposium and Top Psychology Major at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville!

Congratulations to Haley Beck, first-year graduate student, for their Honorable Mention on the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Upcoming appearances: Undergraduate students, Claudia Luu and Gillian Preston, as well as graduate student, Haley Beck, will present their work at SPSP 2022 and PI, Sarah Lamer, will present her work at MPA 2022.