In the Social Perception and Cognition lab, we examine how subtle patterns we encounter every day can reinforce and even challenge social inequities.  As a lab, we aim to address power differentials among social groups in ways that contribute to scientific knowledge and have clear, broad social benefits.  

Want to get involved?  Being a research assistant (RA) provides lab-based experience critical to exploring psychology as a career. RA positions in our lab are competitive, and require an application and an interview (about 25% of applicants are accepted). RAs generally help with tasks such as data and stimulus coding, stimulus generation, running participants, and later in their time in the lab, more advanced and intellectually-enriched tasks, such as data analysis. RAs spend 8-10 hours per week in the lab and are asked to commit for 2 semesters in total (the first semester enables us to evaluate if this is a good fit for you).  RAs learn a great deal about the basic elements of the research process and can, therefore, complete an RAship for class credit (PSYC 489).  Note: We can work with your schedule if you are planning to go abroad in the coming year.  


What’s next? If that sounds like something that you are interested in and a commitment you would have room for in your schedule, please email the Principal Investigator (PI) of the lab, Dr. Lamer, using the form below. 


Members of underrepresented groups (such as native; first-gen; POC; LGBTQ+) are encouraged to apply!

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